Welcome to the International Association of LLM Students and Graduates


The Largest Independent Association of LLM Students and LLM Graduates.

A Law Pundits initiative for promotion and welfare of LLM students, LLM graduates and Law Schools offering LLM.


The International Association of LLM Students and Graduates is a member organization for current LLM students, LLM Graduates, Law Schools offering LLM and SJD programs and LLM aspirants.


IALLM is a community of LLM students, Law schools, LLM graduates and those interested in pursuing an LLM to study, train, research and network. 


IALLM has a range of activities including a fortnightly (during academic term) LLM recruitment presentations from top law firms, LLM fairs in association with Law Pundits for Law schools and law students interested in pursuing an LLM and the Annual Convention for LLM graduates, LLM students, LLM professors and LLM administrators for greater promotion and growth of the LLM students and graduates in association with Global Legal Forum.

The Mission of the International LLM Students and Graduates Association is to:


Support LLM students and LLM graduates with career guidance and legal recruitments in organizations and Law firms that specifically focus on LLM students and graduates.


Networking among international LLM students and graduates for mutual benefit and welfare of LLM students and graduates.


Provide opportunities for LLM students and LLM graduates to grow their career globally and advance their LLM degree.


Assist current law students interested in pursuing an LLM and help guide them in pursuing higher legal studies.


Promote LLM education and support Law schools that helps in training and educating law students with Post graduate legal studies.

By becoming a member of the IALLM, you will be part of a community of peers who share the same values and goals as you. As a member, you will be eligible to be part of the exclusive recruitment initiative for LLM students and graduates, networking events and activities and the annual association IALLM Conference.
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